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We teamed up with the best designers and woodworkers to bring you the highest quality of workmanship available.  

Michelle Borgatta

My passion for design and cabinetry started in 2003 while working in real estate along side with custom home builders in Naperville, Illinois. 


I decided that my love for cabinetry design and working with people and helping them to create a space that they loved to live in was very fulfilling.   I wanted to provide great quality and workmanship that would come from the best and  that was custom made for each client and the space they had to work with.    

At that point I met with suppliers for cabinetry, granite, hardware companies from around the world, CAD programs, and builders.


This is when the Amish came into my life and my world changed.  These cabinet makers come from generations of wood workers with exquisite workmanship.  The integrity behind their quality stands strong.  We started working together on most of my custom home projects where the results were amazing, clients were very happy and the builders loved me.   

Now moving forward and expanding to be working with Shawn and his amazing skills alongside of the Amish, we are excited to now work with you and bring you some great products.


We now have added to our options for materials for cabinetry as well as additional supply houses to bring you unique interior cabinet organization solutions and smart home features.  

I'm excited to talk with you about your next project for your home or new home office space.  

Custom Cabinet Builder
Shawn Carter

I started in woodworking in 1990 working for a cabinetry company, and from there I decided to go out on my own and started my own business in 1996.  


 Since then I have focused on new home construction, renovations and some commercial build outs.  You name it, we can design and build it for you.  

Through the years I have seen many changes in designs but there will always be the timeless look.  Now we have more people needing to modify their homes with new kitchens, and modifications to include a home office and home school space. We have what you need to accomplish those changes.  

Angela Kelsey

Outside Sales Rep

Marcy Nickeson
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Outside Sales Rep

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